Lead Recruiter
To support and facilitate our further growth we're looking for a Lead Recruiter
We'd love to hear from you if:
— You love recruitment and have at least 5 years of experience in IT recruitment.
— You know how to build and scale recruitment processes.
— You speak English well (it's "well", not "good" right?).
— You have a business mind and focus on accomplishing rather than doing.
— You have a good sense of humor — yep, this is important at X1 ;)
The role:
To support and facilitate our further growth we're looking for a Lead Recruiter for X1 Group. While our ideal candidate should be an all-rounder, at this stage we see the following key areas of expertise and involvement (while we can adjust this together with you as it goes):
1. Recruitment team leadership and management ~25% of your time.
2. Communication with key clients on the recruitment process ~25% of your time.
3. Recruitment of senior positions ~50% of your time.

To expand specific activities within the area in more detail:

Recruitment Team leadership and management
— Track and manage deliverability of KPIs by the entire Recruitment Team. Quarterly reporting and analysis on Recruitment Performance.
— Coach and train Recruitment Team: define and implement personal development plans for every team member, introduce internal and external education activities.
— Own and manage recruitment processes, optimize and improve where possible. Introduce new ideas, approaches, tools.
— Establish and support relations with 3rd party freelance-recruiters.

Communication with key accounts on recruitment progress

— Communication with the clients on details of new job openings, research and interview clients when needed to bring all required details from clients to Recruitment Team.
— Estimation of the complexity and average salaries of new positions for the clients.
— Consulting new clients on the screening and interview flows and recruitment process in general.
— Periodic recruitment progress reports for the clients.
— Business trips to Western and Northern Europe to build relations with existing and prospective clients.

Recruitment of senior positions
— Hiring for TL/Architect/Senior positions, mainly in Ruby, .NET, JS, Java. Direct communication with the client on candidates introductions and respective interview steps.
— Planning and participation in meetups, promo campaigns, and other activities to attract top talents.

Bonus points if:
— You have leadership experience and know how to keep your team happy, motivated and productive.
— You successfully established or managed recruitment processes in IT companies.
— You love testing new ideas, tools, approaches.
What we offer:
— Leading position in our growing recruitment department, decision making on the strategic business level.
— Direct communication with founders and CEO with zero bureaucracy.
— Working with the team and clients we are really proud of.
— Business trips to existing and prospective clients, mainly within EU.
— Valuable compensation, personal and team performance bonuses.
— Other perks: at least 20 paid vacations, paid sick leaves, work from home option, health insurance.
Meet the team
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